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Honors Auction

Honors Auction

High Holidays with Chabad

High Holiday Honors Auction

In order to keep the High Holiday services as meaningful as possible we will auction off different honors and  in advance. Below is a list of honors and their opening bids. Honors may be bought to be used yourself or given to someone you wish to honor.

Online auction ends Tuesday, October 11 at 2:00pm.

Each bid must be at least $50 more then last bid

Yom Kippur
Honor Bid Your Bid
Holding Torah & Opening Ark at Kol Nidrei - THE KAPLAN FAMILY $1050
Maftir Yona - A FRIEND OF CHABAD RGV $1050
Opening Ark for Neilah - THE HOFFMAN FAMILY $1050
Weekly Meshberach prayer for the Israeli soldiers - THE DAGAN FAMILY $1200
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Your card will only be charged if your bid is the highest when auction ends October 11 at 2:00pm. Checks can be mailed to 3037 West Alberta Road • Edinburg, TX 78539-3118

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